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The perfect location for all your indoor turf sport needs.

We offer rental space for pick-up soccer, leagues and tournaments, as well as kid parties and all other sports.

During the winter we offer the ideal facility for your indoor training and activities.

We are located half a mile from the Metlfie Stadium in the busy Carlstadt Industrial area and sit just minutes away from neighboring restaurants, bars and the very popular American Dream.

We offer three fields, two the exact same size and a third smaller field. Restrooms are on site with ample parking.

We are open and available for all rental sporting purposes all year round and we are run on a first come first serve basis. We also offer rental space for private training.


We offer rentals for all turf sports. Baseball, Ultimate Frisbee, Touch Football, Cricket and any other rental needs you may have. We also offer a room that we use for kids parties and other associated rental events.


Get in touch now and book the appropriate field for your event / game etc.

RENTAL - 201-747-7678

BUILDING - 201-881-7595

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